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An Interdisciplinary Cultural Laboratory

Because no sphere of life is untouched by race, the Institute gathers under its aegis an interdisciplinary range of artists, writers, knowledge-producers, and activists. It convenes a cultural laboratory in which the racial imaginaries of our time and place are engaged, read, countered, contextualized, and demystified.

About the Institute

The Racial Imaginary Institute is a multidisciplinary platform engaging with art and scholarship to examine race's role and impact. Artists, academics, and organizations interested in collaboration or submitting work are encouraged to reach out. For inquiries, submissions, or to discuss potential partnerships, please contact us at

What We Do

We are committed to the activation of interdisciplinary work and a democratized exploration of race in our lives. The Institute will take the form of a moving collaboration with other collectives, spaces, artists, and organizations towards art exhibitions, readings, dialogues, lectures, performances, and screenings that engage the subject of race. The Racial Imaginary website will function as an online portal to the activities of the Institute. All events at The Racial Imaginary Institute are open to the public.

The Future

The future includes the proliferation of our activites into other field sites: pop-up versions of the Institute will emerge in different communities through collaborative efforts between the Institute's staff and the community's local artists, organizers, and writers.